Over the years, Domestic violence has been treated more as a cultural aspect of our society. It was the usual norm for a man to beat his spouse. some cultures believe its a necessity for that to happen while some religion attribute it to their book of Faith.
While domestic violence seem to be prevalent among people regarded as working class, we cannot deny its presence in lower communities especially those called ‘ Urban Slums’.
This is why Hauk Foundation is Partnering yet again with the United Nations Information Centre Lagos; reaching out to a community which desperately needs our help in learning about their rights in these situations.
on the 25th through 28th November 2019, we would gather over One hundred Women as they learn various skills for free.
It is worthy to note that most of these women do not have a means of livelihood.
Are you looking to support a program such as this as part of your goals for 2019? then its time to contact us as partnerships like this makes it possible to carry out programs effectively.

whatsapp us on +2348115592295 and tell us how and why you would love to be associated with this event.

Till then, Together we can stand up against Violence!!!


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